Monday, June 10, 2013

Tokyo Fashion Photographer | Samantha

Model: Samantha
Hair & Makeup: Chihiro Yoda (with Yuki Tamada)

Early this month, I had the pleasure of doing a second photoshoot with the gorgeous Samantha! In our shoot from last year, there was more of a soft and sentimental feel, but this time Samantha came up with the concept of skater style. I love how she pulled off this look so flawlessly, and it was so much fun finding cool backgrounds and props on the street. I have to thank Chihiro san for once again doing an amazing job on hair and makeup, and Tamada san for helping out! (She can also aim a mean reflector :)

After the shoot, Samantha and I headed over to a small cafe nearby for some fresh vegetable & fruit smoothies and sandwiches. The drinks there were sooo good. It was really nice to relax and talk for a while. Samantha, thank you so much for the awesome shoot! Hope to hang out again soon :)

See more from this photoshoot at Samantha's blog here!