Friday, June 7, 2013

Tokyo Wedding Photographer | Rhapsodia


Model: Deborah (and recent)
Hair & Makeup Artist: Chihiro Yoda
Dress courtesy of: Simply Bridal
Collaboration/Shoot-off with photographer Irwin Wong

When Irwin invited me to do a photographer shoot-off with a gorgeous wedding dress he received courtesy of Simply Bridal, I jumped at the chance. The shoot-off consisted of each of us taking turns (and sometimes at the same time!) shooting photos with our respective cameras/gear, and then comparing the results afterward. I'm really looking forward to seeing Irwin's take on this shoot, and how different our styles and perspectives seem when taking the same subject! Thanks so much again, Irwin!!

This time, we had the chance to collaborate with the talented makeup artist Chihiro and the stunning Deborah for our model! With Deborah, we have previously done more casual styles and urban styles of shoots, so it was really interesting to shoot with her in a bridal outfit. I really love Deborah's versatility when it comes to expressions and moods - she can do delicate, sweet, fierce - that's one of the reasons why it's so much fun photoshooting with her. Not to mention she's easy to talk to and a cool person in general!

I was hoping that we could take a slight departure from the usual image of "bridal", so after discussing between ourselves, Chihiro helped us create this fantasy-like look. I love the magic she worked on this time's hair and makeup, especially the beautiful blue and green eyeshadow. Deborah brought along some fantastic accessories that truly accentuated and completed the image.
I'm so grateful to everyone for the time and effort put into creating these photos. When a photoshoot is a collaborative effort, it feels completely different versus when it's just me and the model. I can't wait to experience more and keep learning!