Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tokyo Musician Photographer | Nelson Babin-Coy


The other day, I had the honor of shooting a few photos for Nelson, a talented musician here in Tokyo. Actually, Nelson is my college senpai! :) He graduated from UC Berkeley a few years ahead of me, and now we're both in Japan. I have been listening to his videos and songs since before I came to Japan, and after I first arrived here, he even kindly helped me out by giving me the chance to do a few street lives together out at Shinjuku station. Man... good ol' times! Those were so much fun. 

Due to our busy schedules and the gradual flow of time, we lost touch for quite a while. But just recently, we got together again for some tea and talked about everything that had happened recently. It's so mysterious and also empowering that we're both still in Tokyo, still doing our best and continuing to grow and change. I was so happy to hear that music is still a very central part of Nelson's life, that he will continue to spread his love for it. Lately he is on TV shows and interviewing so many famous people and artists - it makes me excited to see how far he has gotten, and there's no telling what will happen next! I had a great time photoshooting with him, and hope we'll be able to work together (and hang out) again soon. Thanks so much, Nelson!!

Please check out Nelson's links below to hear his music and follow his work!