Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tokyo Model Photography | Fernanda


 Model: Fernanda (axelle model management)

 Fernanda was such a sweet girl and wonderful to shoot with. Although she had just arrived in Japan a day or two ago, was jet lagged and not used to it here yet, she came out for this afternoon photoshoot on the streets of Tokyo. Now that's what I call a professional! Fernanda really gives off these beautiful expressions, and the way she places her body seems so effortless and light. It was really a joy to shoot with her, and an honor for this to be her first photoshoot in Tokyo!
Thank you very much, Fernanda!! I hope we get to shoot together again :)

Meghan also participated in this session, and her photos will be coming soon!

By the way, I changed a few elements of this blog today, and simplified the header. I've been wanting to update the layout for a while now, and I'm liking this new style a lot more at the moment. 

It's getting hotter in Tokyo, and today felt exactly like a summer day should - making me want some ice cream and to visit the beach. I can't believe June will be over soon! Today also marked my first mosquito bite of the year.. nooo. I heard some blood types they don't prefer to bite, but they seem to really have a preference for me.