Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wisterious Wendy


 Last month, Wendy and I visited Kameido station in Tokyo, where a wisteria festival was going on at a shrine nearby. Even though I've been in Tokyo for over three years, I have never experienced the wisteria flowers here before, so I jumped at the chance. First, we had some lunch and dessert...


This was just as delicious as it looks! I want more now :)


Wendy sipping her coffee.


We arrived at the shrine, with raindrops still adorning the wisteria blossoms.
Luckily, they were already blooming beautifully!


Sky Tree looming in the background!


Even though it was overcast and set to rain again at any moment, quite a few visitors were coming to see the wisteria.


 This is a grey heron, I think! Such a beautiful bird taking flight.. I couldn't stop staring at it.


We had a lovely time strolling around and enjoying the gorgeous wisteria. I'm so happy we went to see them. Wendy took some great photos for me too, and I'll be sharing them in the next blog post!