Friday, May 24, 2013

Tokyo Musician Photography | Sayulee


 I recently did a photoshoot with the beautiful and talented Sayulee! The shoot happened early on a rainy weekend morning, and Sayulee did an amazing job despite the rain. I first contacted Sayulee asking if she might be interested in shooting together a few months ago, but due to our schedules, it took a while before we could finally set up something. I'm so glad we were able to meet up this time! Sayulee is such a sweet and lovely person. Both of us being musicians who post our music on Youtube, it was easy to connect with her and talk. I felt so happy to see another musician doing her own thing, sharing what she loves with the world and being herself while doing so. It just reminds me that these days, we can do so much creatively and remain true to ourselves, without having to yield to what the industry thinks, what others tell us to become, or what others say we can or can't do. It's all about believing in who you are, at the core. Sayulee's strong heart and positive attitude really shone through for me, and I am sure she will get far!

Thank you so much for doing this photoshoot with me, Sayulee :)

Here is a video Sayulee made about this shoot:

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