Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ritsuko Shirahama 2013-14 A/W Collection


Presenting my very late (better than never!) post from the last of the Tokyo Fashion Week shows I attended last month, unique and magical pieces by Ritsuko Shirahama! I enjoyed viewing the black and white patterns in these pieces, punctuated by splashes of color and some amazing hats. Ms. Shirahama's designs are so bold and truly make a statement - unafraid to stand out, they scream confidence and creativity. I love how strong each of the models looked in these designs. Also, I have to say that I really liked the lighting at this show. Runway photography can be difficult, what with changing lighting situations with each step of the model, having just a few seconds to capture those brief moments before they finish a pose and leave the stage - but it's very exciting and fun at the same time! Even better is having vivid and creative lighting on the runways, creating just the atmosphere needed to express the brand. I'm already looking forward to shooting more fashion shows!