Friday, May 17, 2013

Nostalgic Shinjuku

One of the places I have frequented most ever since I started living in Tokyo, Shinjuku also provides something to do at any time of day or night. While the Shinjuku area has some of the most metropolitan, advanced-looking towers and cityscapes in Tokyo, you can also find some side streets and paths like the ones above. Although I most often go to Shinjuku for the bookstore, it is also great for other shopping, delicious ramen shops, and live houses. It takes quite a long time to walk around the entire station, passing by the various exits... I used to get very lost trying to from one place to another within Shinjuku station. Now I think I have a better idea of where everything is (with the added support of Google maps!), and each direction seems to have its unique personality. Shibuya is nice too, but Shinjuku has a different sort of energy that I think I feel more comfortable with.