Monday, May 20, 2013



 Natsuki was such a fun and cool person, so easy to talk to and get along with during this photoshoot. I especially appreciated her relaxed manner and honest personality. Especially standing out to me was a special story that Natsuki told about her childhood days. She was once taking a walk through the woods, and came across a gathering of many, many butterflies, all clumped together and moving. Curious, she came closer and closer to see why they were gathering, expecting (as an excited little kid would) that they were gathering around some flowers or something pretty... and she finally realized that they were all gathered around...! 
A mound of poop.

So I hope this story was not too inappropriate for this blog. But it just goes to show what an awesome person Natsuki is, telling me that kind of story on our first meeting! :)


 Natsuki, thank you so much for doing this photoshoot with me! I had a lovely time :)