Friday, May 10, 2013

Tokyo Portrait Photography | Maria


 Model: Maria (axelle model management)
Hair & Makeup Artist: Chihiro Yoda

I'm happy to present these photos from a shoot I did with the lovely Maria! Such a sweet girl, and she did an amazing job on this freezing cold spring day. This was another collaboration with the talented Chihiro, who really brought out Maria's natural sense of youth and color. It was actually an extremely gray and overcast day, but Maria really shines out in these photos! I felt so bad for making my models and makeup artist suffer through the terribly cold temperatures that day... but I think the end result was very worth it!! Thank you so much, Maria and Chihiro-san!

It's been an extremely hectic past week.. I barely had time to sit down and properly update again. Even though it was Golden Week in Japan, with a couple of days holiday off of work, I managed to have photoshoots lined up over half those days.. so I managed to squeeze in about one or two days of actual days off, basically like a weekend! Except my weekends are usually filled with shooting anyway so... it felt like extra. :) Hopefully now things have settled down a bit, so I'll be back to making regular updates again! Please stay tuned, as now I have photos to post from the whole month of April as well!

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