Thursday, May 16, 2013

Feels Like Home


Here are a few home snaps from a while back that I've been meaning to share. I love how just a few small changes or additions can bring a great deal of warmth and happiness into a room.

1. Some of my necklaces hanging up.

2. I found a new way to organize my earrings. Before, they all used to lay in a tangled mess. Then I discovered I could use my cup/goblet as an earring holder! Organized and pretty too :)

3. Decided on a whim to stick up an extra gift bag on the wall. I like the cute pattern!

4. Colorful, shiny ornaments hanging down and tinkling when I brush past them.

5. San Francisco snowglobe I bought at the airport last year. Now it's on my bookshelf :)

What are some ways you decorate your room or home, in order to bring some light and display your memories? I'd love to hear your ideas!