Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tokyo Engagement Photographer | Claire & Jeff in Shibuya


Claire and Jeff were just so much fun and wonderful people to work with. This is part two of their engagement photoshoot in Tokyo, and this time they chose the vivid and energetic Shibuya as a backdrop! Although we were really hoping for it to be a clear evening, it ended up raining... but Claire and Jeff still did an amazing job! I would even say that the rain added to the unique atmosphere and memorability of the evening. Thanks to their upbeat and positive attitude, the shoot went very smoothly and turned out to be super fun! I just couldn't help grinning and awwing all the way through :) I'm sure you'll understand how I felt after you see the below! 

Claire and Jeff - I had a fantastic time working with you, and thank you so much for everything!


At the big intersection in Shibuya, as all the pedestrians were passing by in their respective directions. I just have to say that my girly romantic heart jumped out of my chest at this point :)


 These two are just too awesome.



 I really love the intimacy and spontaneity of couple and engagement shoots like this one. It leaves so much room for creativity, showing off the true personality of each person, rather than forced poses and being hectic and stressed... just two people in love, making memories to bring with them on the journey forward. It makes me so happy, and I can't wait to do more engagement photography in Tokyo. Claire and Jeff, thank you so much!!