Friday, May 17, 2013

Tokyo Portrait Photography | Ayaka and Flowers



Model: Ayaka (Bellona Model Agency) 

 On a beautiful weekend morning in Tokyo, I met up with the lovely Ayaka for this photoshoot. Although the cherry blossoms had fallen away, now other flowers were starting to spring up and herald the beginning of the warm season. Ayaka herself was as bright and pretty as one of those flowers! Even without directing her much, Ayaka really seemed aware of how she appeared in front of the camera. She did a fantastic job showing off her personality and various expressions in this shoot. When I asked why she wanted to become a model, she told me the story of how she used to be an elementary school teacher, and when she heard her students talking about their dreams, she felt that she had to be true to herself and pursue her dream too. What a sweet girl! I would be happy to shoot with her again. Thank you, Ayaka!