Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tokyo Portrait Photography | Aga and Maria

Models: Aga and Maria (axelle model management)
Hair & Makeup Artist: Chihiro Yoda

Here is the continuation post from the last blog entry about Maria! I had both of these girls on location that seriously way too cold day, with Chihiro working her hair and makeup magic right in the park. We were originally planning to shoot a spring-themed set of photos, with Maria bringing a thin dress (...and Aga showing up with her PJs?! Oh well, it worked out!), but as both girls were just about turning blue from cold while getting their makeup done, I decided to have them do the shoot with outerwear rather than freeze to death. Aga and Maria were so great with each other too; I just love their expressive looks and body language. Thank you girls for doing a fantastic job! :)