Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ueno at the Peak of Cherry Blossom Season


So, have you gotten tired of seeing belated cherry blossom posts yet?
No? Great! :) Then, here are some photos I took during a short evening walk through Ueno Park with my friend Wendy.


Very festive atmosphere! Tons of food stands and thick crowds streaming through.


Cherry blossoms beautifully lit up at night.


Mmm care for some nice steaming oden on a chilly spring night?


Or how about some jaga butter? (basically baked potatoes soaked in lots of butter)


Or some yummy corn?


Or even... whole grilled fish on a stick?? You know you want one.


 Perhaps you may care for some fresh banana choco.


While walking along and feasting on your treats, you get to enjoy beautiful views like this one.


 I usually avoid Ueno during cherry blossom season since I keep hearing about the crowds.
But this year, I'm glad I stepped in and had a look! It's the perfect place for when you really
want to feel the energy and party atmosphere of the cherry blossoms season in Japan.