Friday, April 5, 2013

Shadowed Illusions


I'm so happy to finally present these photos from a shoot with my lovely friend Momo! You may remember her from these photos last year. This time, we tried something completely different from my usual style and attempted lighting indoors with one of my lamps. Momo brought along this gorgeous colorful scarf, and tried arranging it in different ways.

 Love this :)

I just love the emotion displayed in this one. Due to the darkness, my lens had a bit trouble focusing, and the result wasn't very sharp at all, but now I like how it turned out. It feels so raw and human. The contrast of light and dark on her face really draw me into the picture.

This set reminds me of a goddess :)


 It was so much fun hanging out and experimenting! If it's with someone this creative and artistic-minded, indoor shoots can be really fun too :) 
Momo, thank you so much for being my model, and doing such a beautiful job of it <3