Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tokyo Portrait Photography | Miss Michi

Model: Michi
Hair & Makeup Artist: Chihiro Yoda

These are some of my favorite shots from a second photoshoot I did with the lovely Michi, which took place last month. This shoot was special since it marked one of the very first times I did a collaboration with a hair and makeup artist. This time, I had the opportunity to work with the talented Chihiro, whom I met while assisting for a photoshoot previously. Up until then, I have always been doing shoots solo; at this shoot, I experienced what it was like to create photos as a team. Chihiro and her assistant worked on Michi's hair and makeup first, then we all went for a walk together to take the photos. It was a wonderful experience collaborating, and I would definitely like to try it more often. The mid-day light filtered through the trees overhead and wrapped softly around Michi, who looked gorgeous and angelic as always!

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past week; I have been so busy and barely had the time to sit down to make a post. Shootings were happening on weekday nights after work and also this weekend, so lots to edit again! Please look forward to more coming soon :)