Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kudanshita and Cherry Blossoms


As you can see, I'm only a bit behind in posting my photos taken during this year's cherry blossom season in Tokyo! The 2013 cherry blossom season here felt like it passed in a flash. Peak blooming period was earlier than usual this year, falling in mid to late March and ending by the first week of April. However, I was really lucky to go to several of the prime blossom spots for photoshoots, as well as on a few walks with friends. This gorgeous moat with rental boats is located near Kudanshita station.


Cherry blossom petals coating the water.


 At night, the white blossoming trees stand out ghostily with lights being provided just to illuminate the flowers during this season.


Imagine rowing your boat at night, right under these incredible blossoms.