Tuesday, April 30, 2013



 Some days, it's nice to just take a trip somewhere far away. Or at least, a little bit far.
There was this lovely little trip to Hakkeijima last month.


 Near the ocean, the wind whipped through hair and grasses mercilessly. Yet, the sunlight was just warm enough to keep the temperature bearable. Soon, I forgot all about the wind.


 Swimming, floating, glimmering in the bright blue waters illuminated by the sun above.


 Isn't it nice to encounter someone new, to greet each other face to face?
This guy wasn't shy at all.


As it starts to warm up steadily, moving from chilly spring to comfortable early summer, I find myself daydreaming about being outside, surrounded by grass and trees, smelling the salty ocean air. And then some days, it becomes reality.


Being removed from the onward rush of the world, letting obligations and to-do lists melt away into the background for a while... all there is - a gentle wind, laughter, exploration of new corners and twists in the path.

No need to hide behind your usual covers.


Time to soar, to be free and yourself.


Time to be relaxed and laze around as you wish, soaking in each moment of it.



Gazing at the wonders around you, which you didn't realize were right there.



 It's so refreshing to finally post photos from this trip. With my packed schedule these days, it's getting harder to have opportunities like this - something I want to change! I think going on a small trip somewhere different once in a while is essential to revitalizing yourself. I'm going to try to make more time and explore new places more often. Especially being near nature or near the sea... it really gives me energy. The big city can be great too, so exciting and colorful with many things to do. But there is nothing like the deep peace that washes over me when I get back in touch with nature. *happy sigh* :)