Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lost and Found


 Snapshots from an afternoon at Shinjuku Gyoen with Wendy. Thank you for being my lovely model :) That day, the cherry blossoms weren't quite in full bloom yet, with many bare branches still. Nonetheless, quite a few trees had already sprung into shades of bright and pale pink. It's an exciting time, to see cherry blossoms starting to pop up everywhere. When we visited the Gyoen early this month, there weren't quite as many people as the substantial crowds last weekend and the last few days. Shinjuku Gyoen will apparently have some late blooming trees as well, so I'm looking forward to the cherry blossoms lasting for a while more there.


What a joy it is to spend a few hours with a good friend, just strolling through the trees and taking pictures of nature. Photoshooting with friends is a completely different experience from model shoots or jobs; there is a relaxing sense of freedom, allowing me the ability to experiment, be casual, be lazy, anything. Good conversation builds grand pictures, and successful pictures tell endless words. Then again, there are of course those pictures that are wordless.


This cute bird...! Awww :)


 This March has been a month of much, much photoshooting for me. Just a handful of days left, and I'm planning shoots for those too. It's such a gorgeous month of change, when tree branches go from bare to blossoming alive, when the wintry quality in the air slowly oozes away into spring warmth, when heavy coats make way for spring jackets. I can't wait to see what the new seasons will bring.