Friday, March 15, 2013

Dear Tokyo


Dear Tokyo,

It's been 3 years and 6 months since we first met, and we are still seeing each other.

 I see your city lights aglow in the evening, washing over the streets and people, convenience store signs and winding train tracks.

Your loneliness in the early hours when there is only the hushed whisper of wind. Your joyous rumble when cars and thousands of feet pass through the huge intersection.


You see my tiredness when riding the subway home after a long day, my excitement in wandering the streets of a new place. You buoy me up just as I start to fall, and pull me down just when I think I've gotten used to being up this high.


Your words are mirrors of your soul, gliding in and out of my chest without warning, without a sound. They bubble up from the street corners, the telephone poles, the vending machines next to every station.



 I am in your hands for now. For I am in love with your rough beauty and your gentle grace, your deafening footsteps and silent caress. As much as I can't stand being lost in the infinitely lonely flurry of your movements and onward rushing of time, I can't do without you at the same time.
Here with you, I simply am - and I am my purest, truest self, distilled, brought to the surface by your constant encouragement.


 Even if we one day part ways, I think my love for you will remain. For it is to you that I opened my heart, that I allowed myself to dream, and made those dreams into lasting realities.