Sunday, March 31, 2013

Theatre Products 2013-14 A/W Collection


Here are a few snaps from the Theatre Products 2013-14 A/W Collection show. I really enjoyed the retro yet modern pieces displayed in this runway collection, with very feminine styles which also give off quite a feeling of confidence. The bags and accessories each model carried out with them really completed each piece, and I especially enjoyed the eyewear as well, as a glasses-wearer myself. I enjoyed shooting this great collection from Theatre Products!

Hiroko Koshino 2013-14 A/W Collection



The Hiroko Koshino 2013-14 A/W Collection show took place at The Garden Hall in the beautiful Ebisu Garden Place. It was my first time to see this area at night, and I was stunned by how lovely the elegant architecture and lights looked.


 Hiroko Koshino's collection was quite bold and dramatic in color.


Some whimsical use of makeup as well.


 This was a highly varied collection, with styles ranging from casual to elegant to nearly ballroom (the silvery patterned dress above). It was a lot of fun to shoot this colorful collection by Hiroko Koshino!
Now I have photos from two more shows left to post. Fashion Week really went by in a flash!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tokyo Pre-Wedding Photography | Faith and John

Engagement and pre-wedding photography in Tokyo during cherry blossom season.

Engagement and pre-wedding photography in Tokyo during cherry blossom season.

Engagement and pre-wedding photography in Tokyo during cherry blossom season. 

I'm excited to share these photos from a pre-wedding shoot I did with Faith and John! One of my favorite things I remember from this cherry blossom themed photoshoot is that as we walked around the park, more than a few people were randomly calling out their congratulations to the couple. How nice! I had a wonderful time shooting these photos for Faith and John, and the makeup by Maiko was simply beautiful as well. I wish them many very happy days together on this road that they will walk down together. 

Ahh, love! :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Flower Girl


So having been running around and shooting so much lately, I haven't had the time to properly post! Therefore, I've been so behind on blog posting... approximately one month of photoshoots behind. Oh boy. I'll slowly and steadily catch up again to the present! (Lots of lovely blossom photos that I want to finish editing and post soon :)

For today, I would like to share one of the last photoshoots I did in February with this gorgeous girl, Michi.


Michi has the most beautiful collection of outfits and accessories! I was so excited to coordinate them together with her to create the above looks. She also natural shone in front of the camera and gave off a dreamy aura :) You probably can't tell from looking at the photos, but it was absolutely freezing that day, with a crazily icy wind blowing! Michi was such a great sport and handled the cold temperatures amazingly well. I had a great time photoshooting with her!

We actually did a second shoot later on, with a totally different look and feel. I'll be posting those up soon too, so please look forward to them!

Michi, thank you again for being a wonderful model ^^

Michi's Facebook / Youtube / Blog

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

alice auaa 2013-14 A/W Collection


 Here are photos I took from alice auaa 2013-14 A/W collection, the third show I attended so far during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo 2013-14 Autumn/Winter! Since the araisara show started very late, I sprinted with the other photographers over to catch this show. Luckily, I arrived just in the nick of time, a few minutes before the lights dimmed and haunting music began pumping through the hall. Although I can't say I've seen that many fashion shows yet (including last October's shows), I have to say that this is one of the weirdest and most unconventional ones I have ever attended so far. I mean, just check out these gray-clad figures moving their bodies in mysterious ways as a prelude to the models' appearance..! Also, the creepy spider web spread across the models' entrance to the runway, in the background! Very, very cool.


 I'm not personally into the gothic style, but I think alice auaa's designs are very tasteful and have beautiful details, as well as interesting use of materials and textures.
By the way, I spotted quite a few guests in the seats who were dressed and made up in a similar gothic style! Wish I could have taken a few pictures :)
By that point it was already around 10 PM though, and after a day of work and an evening of shooting I just wanted to go home... haha.


Such an eerily pretty look. 
The runway lighting was arranged purposefully so that we could only see part of the models' faces, or just some parts in shadow while some parts were highlighted, with the lighting changing greatly as they walked down the runway. So hard to keep up shooting wise! Did my best though.


As you may be able to tell by now, the theme for this collection is quite spider-influenced.


 So cute, and looks warm!
Imagine wearing this kind of coat in the winter, walking down the street :)
I think I would want to hug someone wearing this.


The back of the spiderweb dress from earlier. Check out the spider!!


A lone male model takes the stage. 
The giant balloon-y thing he's holding reminds me of the swollen abdomen of a poisonous spider...


A spider lady spinning her threads.


 I like the purple sheen and the crumply texture of the skirt part!


 I'm not sure if I liked this one or not... the baby she's holding creeped me out.
But the veil I do like.


 Especially when she did this!


Altogether, a very unique and exciting runway show from alice auaa for the 2013-14 A/W collection. I wasn't even planning to attend this one at first since I thought I wouldn't have time after araisara, but I'm so glad I rushed over and experienced it!
Can't wait to see what's in store of the rest of the week!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

araisara 2013-14 A/W Collection


Photos I took at the araisara show on Monday.
 Live orchestra (even a harp!!) ushering in the start of this show. So beautiful!


araisara was the second show I attended for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo 2013-14 Autumn/Winter. Held in the spacious Shibuya Hikarie Hall A, this was the first show I've seen that employed live music to accompany its display of pieces. The araisara collection had an elegant, mature feel with vivid expressions of bright floral patterns. I especially liked the last few flowy dresses.

More to come soon!