Thursday, February 21, 2013



Sometimes, you need a little peace and stillness away from the bustle of everyday life. A quiet moment in the afternoon, surrounded by trees. Water flowing slowly by beneath the bridge. Thoughts swirling gently in the air like smoke.


 Hidden among the leaves, sometimes you find an answer or two.


The sun's glow can wash away your worries for the moment.


 If you let yourself, there is so much to be discovered.
About everything around you, and about yourself.


Thank you very much, Yuki, for this short but lovely photoshoot! I especially liked how Yuki was quite adept at being perfectly natural with herself throughout the shoot. Without really caring much about the camera, she hummed a little to herself and seemed to float off in her own thoughts at times. All that made her smile in this last shot all the more genuine and sparkling. 

As for me, I'm about fed up with this freezing cold! Now that we're at the end of February and almost heading into March, I'm expectantly waiting for warm weather and plenty of blossoms ahead. Of course you will be seeing plenty of those blossoms in this blog, if I can help it! I guess I'm just a warm weather kid... can't help it perhaps, since I was born in June. 
How is it where you are? Do you love the exciting iciness of winter, or much more prefer warm-weathered days?

Model: Yuki (Bellona Model Agency)