Saturday, February 9, 2013

Three from today



 What a filled, fulfilling day! Photoshoots until mid-afternoon, then rushing off to the bookstore, then to get dinner, now home again. Lots of lots of walking. I'm so glad I got to soak in the sun, even in that cold wind.. I'm determined to see the sunlight as much as I can this week. Today's shoots were quite a new learning experience, as I've been shooting with mostly foreigners/English-speaking models since I started working on photoshoots seriously late last year, but I finally shot with some Japanese models. It was really quite fun since they were all nice people, but I think I need to work on how to express my vision more in Japanese! Wow, it's a bit frustrating when I have something in mind but I just kind of stumble through my explanation of it in Japanese... just need to practice more and more. Tired from all the standing/walking/shooting, but had a great time!

Photos from above:

1. 20 minute hot chocolate break in between shoots. Got warmed up.
2. Random awesome post box in Shinjuku.
3. Cat on the street.

Hope you're all having a great weekend! What are you up to, anything fun and exciting? Let me know in the comments :)