Sunday, February 24, 2013

Komayu & Junpei


 It was a challenge, but also so much fun to shoot both Komayu and Junpei (from the last two blog posts) in some two-person photos. Up to now, I've been doing mostly single-person photoshoots, and I found it much more difficult shooting two people at once. There's so much more to take in and be aware of, the expressions and body language of both people, whether they are in synch with each other. I definitely want more experience on this front, and I eventually want to try doing some more photoshoots of couples, possibly even wedding-related shoots. (If you or anyone you know need couple photos, do let me know :) 
I just love the magic of the connection between two people, the unsaid communication through gestures and motions, eye contact. 
Komayu and Junpei did such a great job for me, a huge thank you to you two!!

Models: Junpei (SOS Model Agency)
                                                                  Komayu (Bellona Model Agency)