Friday, February 22, 2013


This is part one of three, in a wonderful photoshoot with the charming Junpei and one other model (whom you will meet in the next blog post, so stay tuned)! 

Junpei was really a cheerful and enthusiastic person, and I was so encouraged by the fact that he actually wanted to speak English and improve. I've been shooting mostly foreigners/English-speaking models until recently, when I wanted to give myself a challenge and shoot with Japanese models too (hey.. I am in Japan aren't I!). I'm still a bit nervous with expressing myself fully and directing the models in Japanese, but both of the models I did the photoshoot with on this day were extremely nice and understanding. Plus, Junpei was so prepared with plenty of different outfits! While I was shooting the other lovely model, he was off on the side quickly whipping out another outfit and had changed into it as soon as I turned back around. What a pro :) 
Junpei, thank you very much for this fun photoshoot!

Part two and Part three soon to come!

Model: Junpei (SOS Model Agency)