Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dreamland Wanderings


 I hope this post offers a nice contrast to the bright sunniness of the previous entry's photoshoot. These photos were taken in the Shinjuku area one evening after work. I never knew places like this existed around Shinjuku, nor had I realized that the night there could look so magical. Guess it proves that there are always some secret corners hidden away in Tokyo that you can find if you look carefully.


This is my favorite puffy down jacket for winter, as I'm sure you've seen from quite a few entries before already. It's extremely lightweight, but also super warm and comfortable, which makes it easy for me to wear even a thin sweater inside. Moving around and especially shooting photos is so much better when you're not weighed down by layers and layers of clothing. It gets coldest in Japan from December to February, and during that period I also tend to reply on Uniqlo's Heat Tech quite a lot (very thin inner clothes, including tights, shirts, socks etc). A nice thick scarf is also a must for me, since my neck tends to get cold easily (especially with this short haircut! this is when I miss having long hair). Finally, warm gloves are essential since I tend to always be holding something while walking around - my iPhone, my camera, a book :) 

Winter can be quite dry in Tokyo as well, so I recommend using a mask (disposable ones you can buy at any convenience store or drugstore) if your skin dries out easily. It can be a pain when your lips and face start chapping due to the icy wind! Ever since I discovered the mask after arriving in Japan, I had been strapping one on my face every winter to keep warm when I go outside. It really works, since your breath naturally warms the inside of the mask. (I'm sure it sounds a little crazy to people in countries who don't have the custom of using a mask... but in Japan, people wear them all the time!)
However, I haven't been using masks as much this year, for some reason. Maybe I've been burying my face in my scarf instead.

Although the main streets of Tokyo (especially the business districts and touristy areas such as Shibuya) can be quite crowded even at night, there are always these excellent side streets available to explore.


Totally love this wall art! Amazing.


 Does this look like the middle of Shinjuku to you?
It looks more like a road leading into some abandoned woods!


 I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all for reading and sharing my blog entries! Your comments, emails, retweets, Facebook likes and shares all mean so much to me. It's been almost a year since I started this blog as a creative project, and I'm so happy to see where it's brought me. I've taken more pictures than ever (I was at such a slow, unmotivated point in life when I first started this blog), and I feel that I'm improving little by little. I'm also very glad to have an outlet to write, express, and share my thoughts with you all. Even though I understand that comments take some effort :) I truly appreciate the thousands of views this blog receives each month, from readers all around the world. Thank you so much.

One more thing! I'm sure at least some of you are reading this blog because you found me through my music, through my YouTube channel or elsewhere. Some of you have expressed your concerns at me leaving behind music and going into photography. Well, that's not the case! Music is something that will never leave me, and I still love to sing very very much. (Even at lunch break today, I found myself spontaneously thinking of several melodies that would meld beautifully together, and how some drums and keys would go great with that... but that's another story.) It's just that working all day really does take the energy out of me, the energy necessary to sing and put together a video. (Apparently, I can still ramble on in writing and take photos even when I'm tired... :) So, thank you very much for being patient with me! Please know that new works are on the way. And in between those, I very much appreciate the chance to share and connect with you through my photography and blog posts. Your support in all my creative endeavors means a great deal to me!