Friday, January 18, 2013


Photos from a sunny afternoon stroll in Yanaka (谷中). It was my first visit to this peaceful, charming pocket of Tokyo, and I'm glad I finally went. The weather was perfect, even though winter's chill still tingled in the air... sunlight soaked sufficiently into my skin in late afternoon, and I didn't feel very cold.


Beautiful old building and window.


Ahh, oden! If you haven't had it and are in Japan, what's wrong with you :)
Be sure to give it a try!


 Cats seem to be popular in Yanaka. Anyone know why?


 Yanaka Ginza, an alleyway of small shops and restaurants that I thought would be quiet and empty, but actually ended up being full of pedestrians. Maybe Yanaka's gaining popularity!


Had this absolutely lovely beef stew for lunch!


And met this very sleepy cat.



I want to take a moment to give thanks for everything in my life. So often, we're just pulling on, onward in the great rush of time, always pursuing, always trying to improve on what's there. I keep thinking that way too. But right this very moment, I want to appreciate all that's good and right here.

I am grateful to have the luxury to think and feel these love and hope and cherish. 

Sparkling motes of dust floating through the air, tiny snowflakes breathing whispers of ice. Footsteps. The delicious scent of a warm meal wafting toward and surrounding me. The click of a camera shutter.


What's one thing you truly appreciate in your life today?
Please let me know in the comments section :) I look forward to hearing your thoughts!