Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shinkoiwa Part 2

A warm afternoon of photo-taking and exploring the quiet streets.
Thank you for being a wonderful model, Wendy! :)

The riverside, looking like something out of a Japanese drama.
You know, where a high school boy is wheeling along the river on his bicycle, and the girl he likes 
is sitting behind him holding on to his waist, and he blushes and says, 
"You know what? Actually, all long, I..."

Train rushing through the bridge over the water.

Smiling Wendy :)


An abandoned old bike.
(See! The one from the guy who was about to say something to the girl, earlier :P)


More of that cute cat we met.

One of the yummiest fish bowls I've ever had! (This one's Wendy's.)


 Hmm.. who could this be, in bread form??

These days, the weather has been really nice on weekends, perfect for afternoon strolls and exploring. Being by a large body of water, like the river we found near Shinkoiwa station, is always calming somehow... looking out over the rippling waters, the sunbeams reflecting on little waves, it sort of diminishes your worries, your sense of urgency. There's just the water, carrying your mind to peaceful tranquility.
It's almost Friday! I can't wait to go somewhere this weekend.