Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Natural Beauties


 Earlier this month, I had a really fun photoshoot with three lovely young ladies: Polina, Elizabeta, and Nastya. Luckily, it was a beautiful sunny January afternoon (looks like my rainy photoshoot curse is lifting! :D *knocks on wood*), and the girls were so light-hearted and easy to work with. I felt really happy with the shots we created from this photoshoot. I even asked the girls to give ideas as to poses and expressions, and they were more than happy to help each other out. It's fun to brainstorm and be spontaneous together rather than only directing from my side.

This was my first three-way shoot, and I thank you girls for helping make it a success!


Great pose, Polina!


I felt like Nastya was sort of the "senpai" of the three, for some reason :)
She was great at giving advice to the other girls!


 I loved her confidence and ethereal aura.



 Elizabeta had a lovely smile!

She wasn't afraid to have fun and make silly faces during the shoot :)



 Leaping across the stones.


One of my favorite shots. So glad this one worked!
I felt like these girls were so creative-minded and knew exactly what I was thinking when I told them an idea I had for a certain shot.


Friendship :)




This was definitely one of my favorite photoshoots so far. Polina, Nastya, Elizabeta, thank you so much for working with me in this shoot!! It was really a joy for me to take pictures of such beautiful and confident girls. Every time I finish a shoot like this, I feel like I'm getting one little step further on the road toward becoming a better photographer. And more than that, the colors, light, expressions, and moments really fills my soul to see them and be able to preserve them in a way. 

Can't wait to do more shoots! :)