Sunday, January 13, 2013

And the year begins.


 Here are some snapshots from the first week of January!


The assortment of drinks in a typical Tokyo vending machine. The blue labels stand for cold drinks,
and the red for hot drinks. In the winter, the red assortment tends to increase in amount. My favorites
from the vending machines are usually tea and water! What about you?
自販機で一番よく買う飲み物は。。 お茶とお水です!皆さんは?


"Fukubukuro", or lucky New Year bags, for a sweets/cake shop. I've never bought a fukuburo 
in Japanyet, despite having heard so much about them, and how people line up in huge lines 
to get them from some stores. Have you ever gotten some lucky finds with fukubukuro?


 New Year's week in Shibuya.


 Pretty lights on trees. Can't resist!



Happy New Year banner stretching across the entrance of Shibuya's Center-gai.


Lights reflected in the windows of a Shinjuku Starbucks.


I thought this place gave off a pleasantly lonely feeling.


Drifting in a world of dreams...




The slight fog against this pane of glass on the bridge created a hazy rainbow veil across the
moving traffic down below on the road, and lights blinked in and out of focus. Time seemed as
if stopped, as though no words or sound could penetrate the moment. 

What if we could always tell whether we were taking the wrong or right steps in life? Would
that make things better, or would it simply destroy chances for unexpected beauty, unpredicted
creations? Maybe it's better sometimes not to have a set destination, so that you can really
explore, open your mind, breathe, feel. It's okay not to know, because every unplanned moment
is leading you.