Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Remember December


Went to hang out with Wendy the other day, and we took some photos. It was late afternoon,
the sun sinking slowly and yet much too quickly into the horizon.


Yes, even this guy has caught the Christmas spirit. (or has been forced to catch it :)

Pictures of me by Wendy. Thank you for the lovely shots!


Oh my goodness.. there are less than two weeks left in 2012. These December days slip away like flower petals from a wilted stem. Mornings, it's *so* hard to pull myself out of bed and into the icy air, shivering as I pull on layers of clothing as quickly as possible. I have to be at the office by 9, which is still much too early for my non-morning-person self. But I remind myself that this is so much better than a few years back, when I had to pull myself up at 6 or 7 am for a one-hour train ride. 

When I finish work and hurry through the chilly air toward home, it is already pitch dark - well, as pitch as it can get on the Tokyo streets, with glowing street lights and buildings and stores, all still bustling. For the true warmth of afternoon sunlight that I so love, however, I have to wait until the weekends. Yet sometimes, I get so caught up in the wonderfulness of relaxing at home that I'm too lethargic to set foot ouside... or once I've geared up my motivation to do so, it's already dark again. Darn these short winter days! Sunlight, I miss you!