Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Colored Emotion



Merry belated Christmas, and Happy Holidays to everyone reading this blog!

I hope you are warm and tucked away inside with a mug of something warm, or out enjoying the holiday festivities and shopping, or basking in the summer glow.. if you happen to be living in that part of the world (lucky you :).
It's just been getting colder and colder in Tokyo, and I'm sure the snow and winds are just unbearable in Hokkaido! Christmas in Japan always feels a bit weird when it comes around, as it's just a normal work day for most people. But of course there are the wonderful holiday songs streaming from every shop and restaurant, abundant displays of sparkling Christmas lights in various areas of the city, and I think plenty of Christmas spirit if you try to reach out and find it. 

Although the photos above don't have much to do with the Christmas rambling I've just written, they are from a photoshoot I did some time back with the lovely Ekaterina. I think this was around the peak, or right before the peak of the fall colors season in Japan, and I love the backgrounds and how they settle around her. I hope you enjoy the photos!