Friday, December 28, 2012

Winter Snaps


Above, four random iPhone snaps from the very beginning of winter.
A breathtaking sunset sky, sunset-colored fallen leaves,
reflections on the water, a winged horse made of stars.

And below, five snaps from the end of December.
Just a few more days left in this year!


 I can just keep eating these all winter.


Where have all the leaves gone?


Here's one still hanging on, aglow with midday sun.


My hands get rather dry in winter, but this hand lotion has been helping immensely.
I slather it on after washing my hands to keep my skin from losing too much moisture.


 Night falls again.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Colored Emotion



Merry belated Christmas, and Happy Holidays to everyone reading this blog!

I hope you are warm and tucked away inside with a mug of something warm, or out enjoying the holiday festivities and shopping, or basking in the summer glow.. if you happen to be living in that part of the world (lucky you :).
It's just been getting colder and colder in Tokyo, and I'm sure the snow and winds are just unbearable in Hokkaido! Christmas in Japan always feels a bit weird when it comes around, as it's just a normal work day for most people. But of course there are the wonderful holiday songs streaming from every shop and restaurant, abundant displays of sparkling Christmas lights in various areas of the city, and I think plenty of Christmas spirit if you try to reach out and find it. 

Although the photos above don't have much to do with the Christmas rambling I've just written, they are from a photoshoot I did some time back with the lovely Ekaterina. I think this was around the peak, or right before the peak of the fall colors season in Japan, and I love the backgrounds and how they settle around her. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

On Top of the World


Photoshoot with Momo last month in Kagurazaka.


The streets were so quiet that afternoon in Kagurazaka, probably because it was another rainy day. We found an empty park, one that would usually be echoing with the excited voices of children and parents calling out to them to be careful. Raindrops dotted the play structures, slides, ladders, autumn reflected in puddles on the ground.

The day slowly faded into a dark blue dusk, but bright street lamps still glowed up and down the street as we walked. Young men making fresh mochi inviting us to buy some. Steep stone steps leading up to a dark shrine, devoid of any visitors. It was a wonderful afternoon of relaxation and discoveries.

Thursday, December 6, 2012



 Here are some pictures from a photoshoot I did with Karin on a rainy autumn morning.
I'm starting to think that rainy days are quite optimal for shoots, since there are no people
outside, and the lighting can be really interesting.


Kick the leaves!


 Karin, thank you for a very fun shoot and for doing so well in the rain!
The hair and makeup for this shoot was done by Ms. Nami Sato from Design Word.
She did such a wonderful job! Thank you, Sato-san!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Fallen Paradise - 東京の紅葉


This year's fall colors are almost over.
However, I was able to take a quiet afternoon stroll into the midst of still swirling
and blooming colors, whispering leaves riding the chilly late autumn wind.
The month has turned, and already December is here. 

Let me show you the fall colors I found in Tokyo this year.






It's been another year of joy, sorrow, discoveries, and myself ever-changing.
Ups and downs, stormy nights and peaceful sunny afternoons.
Old, worn leaves fallen away... bright new leaves pushing through to take their place.
Piece by piece, they fell about my roots and were swept away in the wind.









 Breathe in, breathe out...
All around, there is only a soft blanket of tranquility.
The scratching of insects upon the forest floor, a bird calling to its mate with resounding notes
quivering from one leaf to the next.


Thank you for your glorious color.


Thank you for everything you have given me, and that you always continue to give to me.
The towering trees, the blazing fire lighting these leaves which cannot be put out,
they inspire this ode, whisper their way into the tendrils of my soul
and ease this song out into the wild, open air.






The waterfall laughs, and I stop to listen.


A tiny leaf beams, "Look what a wonderful place I found to take a rest!"


The colors of fall are beautiful, and much too fleeting.
They make me think that life is almost the same, and that I would like to learn
how to better appreciate each colorful day,
just like the amazing colors in these trees from my walk that afternoon.