Thursday, November 29, 2012


I had the opportunity to do an evening photoshoot in the city earlier this month with Flora, a lovely girl from France. Although it was a chilly night, we had a great time chatting and composing these shots together. Thank you so much, Flora!

I'm starting to realize that different photographers must have different ways of dealing with models' poses - some really prefer the model to position their faces and bodies exactly in the way that the photographer envisions, and wants the model to portray that very accurately. I think being able to express and exercise that vision is a definite skill, but at least in my (limited) experience so far, I much more enjoy giving the model a lot of freedom, shooting them in a natural state. At the same time, I'm slowly learning how to offer suggestions and work together on creating ideas. Let's see how my photo shooting style continues to evolve.

Monday, November 26, 2012



I did a photoshoot with the lovely Sapphira earlier this month, on a warm and sunny weekend afternoon.



Just walking through the paths of nature, taking the time to breathe in and gaze at the sky...
It heals and inspires you.

 The water here looks like a painting.


 It's as though we were transported to another time.


Beauty is all around us, waiting to be noticed.


The afternoon glow gradually slips its way into your soul, warming it completely.




Thank you Sapphira! It was peaceful and heartwarming experience shooting together.
I could just spend hours wandering these kind of lush green parks, surrounded by trees,
having put tall buildings, crowds and traffic totally out of mind.
That's one of the reasons why I love photography - even if those moments can't last,
at least I can try to record them down in the form of a photograph. Capture the colors and light,
textures and expression in the way that I saw them for that instant.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tokyo Night Views in November - 11月の東京夜景


Although many locations around the city have their own special sense of serenity or colorful vibrancy during the daylight hours, Tokyo really gives off a sense of mysterious, yet nostalgic charm when the sun sets. 


Some areas are sleepy and silent, with a few errant flashes of light illuminating shapes and lines for a moment, then passing.


Some places, like Shibuya, are alive and vibrating with energy even into the midnight hours. 



 A quiet Denny's. Remniscent of After Dark by Murakami. :)


Early morning french toast. Topped with powdered sugar and about to be drizzled in syrup...absolutely delicious.


The famous Shibuya intersection, almost empty of people - a rare sight.

Saturday, November 24, 2012



Here are some pictures I took during a photoshoot with Kerry.
We had a brief walk through the streets of Ginza, and luckily the night air wasn't as cold yet.
Dazzling wintry lights were starting to be displayed on windows and shop fronts.


The streets were alive and busy as always with cars and taxis passing by.



Buildings on the intersection being reflected in the bright red window display.


 Kerry, thank you so much for modeling in this shoot! I truly enjoyed just walking around and discovering interesting corners and backgrounds together. Luckily Tokyo can be such an attractive city to shoot at night :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Estimations of Fate


Good evening from Tokyo, all! What with the many photoshoot blog entries I've been posting lately, it's been a while since I just made a regular old *blog* blog, hasn't it? The days have been quite hectic lately, with new challenges and new things to work at. I am quite excited that I'm getting to meet such interesting and pretty people to do photoshoots with, and I feel myself slowly improving and honing my skills. It would be so amazing if I could take this passion further some time. But for now, I'll just enjoy the process and the way it slowly fills me with color.


 Lunchtime relaxation period.


Tied to something.


 It feels strange and difficult to describe, this unrelentingly ascent into the mid-twenties. I keep feeling, all the time, where have the days gone? How is it possible for time to continue accelerating at a faster and faster pace, leaving me powerless to stop it and all that comes with it? As a middle school kid, then high school kid, you knew - ah, after this comes college, after that comes work, after that comes... You didn't really understand beforehand what each of those would substantially materialize into in your future reality. You just kind of assumed this image in a cloud, the hints and concepts you gathered from other people and media and society.
Being out here, living and working in Tokyo, having been here for several years... I feel grounded and stable in some ways, yet also like I'm swimming in an infinitely spreading ocean. The world is so huge, with a dizzying number of possibilities. I can easily see how making one choice or another would lead to this path, or that one.
If only I could have time, time, time... and do everything!
Perhaps I would collapse though :)

In other news, I went to the dentist for the first time in Japan today. It was really quite nice, not bad at all, and I should have just gone in for that basic cleaning earlier instead of being nervous and afraid of how it might be compared to back in the US. And I even got some minty floss! Feels good to keep your teeth clean and healthy.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Samantha - Autumn Glow


 I'm happy to present these pictures from a photoshoot with the beautiful Samantha
a model and pianist from Southern California and currently living in Tokyo.


It was such lovely weather outside, and the early afternoon lighting was perfect.



The beanie and dress are such an unexpectedly elegant combination!
Great styling by Samantha :)


 It was wonderful to meet another girl from California who came to Tokyo to pursue her dreams.
Samantha is a natural at modeling, and really knows how to make the camera capture her spirit and expressions. Her confidence and positivity truly stood out to me, and it was just a joy to talk with her and shoot together on a sunny Tokyo afternoon.
Samantha, thank you so much! I'm sure that you'll reach your goals.

Check out more photos from this shoot at Samantha's blog.