Thursday, October 4, 2012

When You Feel All Alone


Have you ever had those days when you felt like everything was going wrong?

You stand at the edge of a group and wondering why you can't just jump into the conversation.
You get this nauseating feeling that they just don't understand you, and they don't even like you.

You make mistakes at work, you get rained on because you forgot your umbrella.
Food doesn't really taste that good, and even when you're in the room with someone, you feel like the most solitary person in the world. 


 You forgot the reason why you're trying so hard in the first place, and it feels like you're just stepping in place on a giant hamster wheel.
All the stress and worry of life seem to be pounding upon your shoulders, and you feel like there's no way to release them.
No one to talk to, no one who will care enough to help you.


In the loneliest of times, don't you dare let go.
Trust me, it will get better.
You will smile again.


It may feel like you're completely alone, but just try reaching out, and you'll be surprised to find that there are people who still care about you very much.
Don't isolate yourself, no matter how betrayed or hurt you feel.
Just telling your thoughts to someone makes it a bit lighter.
People help people grow.


It may feel like everyone dislikes you, but it's probably not true. You're likely just taking things too seriously (it does happen!). You really are beautiful. You really are worth something, many somethings.

You have so much potential inside you, and so many chances still left to make good things happen in your life. Those good things already exist and are secretly lying in wait around corners, standing on tiptoe and peeking to see if you're ready for them.


It may feel like you're failing to achieve your goal. You have worked so hard, but keep falling down. The wall looks so impossibly high, how can you ever jump over it?

Well, you just can. The power to do so is already inside of you, just waiting to be unfurled.
Even if it's just one little step at a time at first, as long as you make a choice to stand up and fight, and climb, and keep climbing...
Pretty soon, you will be flying. Sailing over that flimsy little wall.


When you feel alone, don't feel pressured to be like everyone. You don't have to strive for perfection; everyone really does have their problems and weak points, no matter how great their lives might appear on the outside. 

There are things only you can do in this world.
All you have to do is try. 

When you feel all alone, when you feel so much is against you...

Take a breath. Slowly. Close your eyes. Let it all out.

Just remember - as long as there is tomorrow, and you choose to try, there is always hope.
There are opportunities and people out there, just waiting for you to find them.


You will find happiness. You will find sadness again, but you will stand up yet again and stronger than ever.
You will find love. And you will be so glad that you didn't give up on yourself.

 Tell me, have you had times when you felt all alone?
How did you overcome that, or what are you still doing even now in order to overcome it?

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