Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ula at Kiyosumi Teien


 I did a photoshoot with the lovely Ula at Kiyosumi Teien park.
It was a beautiful afternoon and near closing time for the park,
so we were able to get some great shots without many people in them.
Pretty rare for a park in Tokyo!


These ducks came swimming over when they saw us.
So did a bunch of koi!

Love this natural smile!

 It doesn't seem like the middle of Tokyo at all!

 Beautiful flowers in a solitary, secret corner of the park :)

 On the bridge.


It was really fun shooting with Ula! We had a lot to talk about as foreign women living and working in Tokyo.

I'm currently available for photoshoots in the Tokyo area. If you're interested, please contact me at the below email address.