Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Udon and Lip Stain


This udon was amazing. One of the best I've ever had.


Udon noodles are absolutely perfect for this cool autumn weather. In Japan, I feel like one season tends to sit there for a really long time, and yet before you know it, the season's already started to shift and fade into the next. I personally wish I could keep this autumn weather for a while though. The air smells so crispy and delicious. Daytime is gently warm, and night has that cool bite of a hint of winter.



I usually never use lip-related cosmetics these days. I just don't like the idea of getting
chemicals and coloring on my food and drinks.. plus the stickiness and drying out of lips.
But I felt this sudden desire for some bright color. 
Such a feeling of girlish giddiness when you dab on a bold shade of red.



The color happened to really match my sweater too! More photos with this sweater coming up soon. 
It's so comfortable to wear, becoming one of my favorites this season.