Monday, October 8, 2012

Tokyo Photo 2012


Last week, I was able to drop by Tokyo Photo 2012, a photo exhibition held in Roppongi, for a short while on the very last day it was held. I was pretty excited to attend, since this was the first photography fair/exhibition that I've been to in Japan. There was a great variety of work from both international and Japanese photographers.

Here are some photos I took of the photos there.
So happy that photography was actually allowed!


I really liked this set!
What amazing colors, and such emphasis on the eyes.
Windows to the souls.


 It was interesting to see the different people who came to the exhibition.
Quite a few who were carrying cameras too. Such a creative atmosphere.


Loneliness. I felt it seething from this piece.


I really enjoyed seeing how the various photographs were framed and displayed.
Presentation really adds to the expression of the artwork.
If possible, it would be so amazing to put up some of my own photos one day in this way.


I even received some beautiful postcards from the event!
Hopefully I get the chance to attend more of these photography exhibitions and events in the future. It's such an inspiration to view the various styles, methods, and ways of expression from each photographer.