Monday, October 29, 2012

Taro - A Rainy Day Photoshoot

 Finally posting up photos from this shoot that happened a few weeks back, that I did with Taro from Hawaii.

It was my first time trying a rainy day shoot, and both my camera and lens got pretty wet (not to mention the model as well - thank you!), but it was quite fun! We were able to get some pretty interesting shots in the rain.

City lights in the background.

I absolutely love these three, some of my favorite from the shoot.
Pretty excited that you can actually see the raindrops falling!

It was a pleasure working with Taro on this shoot, and he was very professional at posing.

I realized from this experience that I really need to learn more about direction. Being the one behind the lens, I have to help explain to the model what I want them to do, how to move and angle their face or body. To be honest, I always felt like directing the model so strictly is kind of awkward, since it limits their expression and feels unnatural sometimes. People tend to stiffen up or be conscious of the camera, and conscious of the fact that they are posing. But on the other hand, if the model is experienced and relaxed enough, they are able to make even poses look like just a natural part of their being. I guess part of my job as photographer is to make the model feel that way!

So much to learn still.

Thank you Taro, for being a wonderful model and also bearing the rain!