Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Swan Dreams



 Found this beautiful lone swan floating past near the Imperial Palace the other day, near dusk. The bird seemed very calm and at peace, in its body of water surrounded by a ring of green trees, surrounded by tall buildings. I wonder what swans dream about, if they do dream? I know cats dream at least, since the one with me now tends to snuffle and paw at some invisible being in his sleep.

I've come into possession of a wireless remote for my camera, so now I can experiment with self portraits. I suppose when a photographer has exhausted all other available subjects within a nearby range, one can still turn to oneself as a subject. I think it's a bit tough to make self portraits, because.. well, it feels so natural to frame and capture the subject when the camera is in your hands. But when the camera's in front of you, and you're not looking through it but at the lens, it's almost like diving backward through the whole process. When someone else is taking a picture for you, afterwards you get to see their interpretation, their perspective of how you look. What you appear to be in their eyes. But with self portraits, it's almost like blindly grasping, drawing in the air.
Perhaps that's the fun of it, and that's where the creative process lies.