Thursday, October 11, 2012

Show Info - Live at Soka, October 28!

Autumn Live at Soka
Date and Time: October 28th (Sunday), starting from 3:00 pm.
Cost: Free!
Location: 草加東口 西友草加店駐車場 (Soka Station, East Exit, Seiyu Parking Area)
Please see the following map: Location of the live 

日時: 10月28日(日曜日)、午後15:00頃から~
Cost: 無料です!
場所: 草加東口 西友草加店駐車場 (いつもの場所ですよ^^)

【雨天の場合】 IF it rains, we're moving the show to Fade in Cafe!
埼玉県草加市氷川町859-11 TYビル2F

At Fade in Cafe IF it rains at the time of the live!

So I'll be having two shows in one week! Wow, that's going to be interesting :)
This Soka one will have a different feeling from the night live house show on the 23rd, since it will be outside and in the afternoon. I've performed at Soka so many times now, it feels like a warm and familiar place to me.