Saturday, October 13, 2012

Red Spider Lily


 I love autumn in Tokyo.
The last few days, it has been warm and sunny during the daytime, with a pleasant cool wind in the evening. Fall flowers are starting to appear. And soon after, the gorgeous colored leaves will follow.

 I found these leggings the other day while randomly browsing a Tutuanna store, and somehow I felt quite drawn to the floral and gold pattern. Prior to this, I've been sticking to mostly black leggings and tights. It's fun to try new patterns!


 This red and black sweater was a discovery from only a few weeks ago, but I find it's already becoming a staple in my fall wardrobe. It's so light yet warm, and I like how the bold colors look paired with shorts or jeans. I'm wondering how it might work with a skirt.


Deep in thought...



I was hoping to see some cosmos flowers, since I heard they bloom in Japan in the fall.
Before, I had never really paid close attention to the particular flowers.


Behold! The lovely cosmos.
Would love to stand in an endless field of them!


Being near the water, the slight blue lapping waves and shining reflections, it all calms me. Creates this sort of quiet peace that washes over my soul.


Higanbana, or the Red Spider Lily.
"Higan" refers to the other shore of the Sanzu River, which is a river in Japanese Buddhist tradition similar to the River Styx. These flowers bloom on the other side of the river and help guide spirits into the afterlife. A bit creepy, but I think they're beautiful.


It's said that when two people part for the final time, these flowers bloom in their path away from each other.


The sky darkens, and city lights come out to play.

Outfit:  Sweater - Forever 21, Shorts - Collect Point, Tights - Tutuanna, 
Boots - Zara, Bag - Vintage