Friday, October 19, 2012

Motonari Ono Spring/Summer Collection 2013


The Motonari Ono S/S 2013 runway show took place at Shibuya Hikarie.
Although the venue was roughly the same size as the matohu one, it felt like there were much more people being packed into this hall. When I got to the entrance, there was a large line of people waiting to get in, and a buzzing air of excitement. Instead of seats only two rows deep, this hall had seats that went maybe eight to tens rows back. It was very dark and the lighting was a bit hard to work with, but I managed the shots below from my seat.


 The models walked down the runway each carrying an outfit. On their way back, they hooked up the outfit so that it was displayed to the audience as the next model walked out.


 The photographers' pit.

Quite a few florals and light, warm colors in this collection.


 This lacy red dress was eye-catching.


After the applause died down and the show was over, the attendees were able to walk straight up to the outfits that the models had hung up, and see the details up close.
Overall, an enjoyable show with a dramatic style and interesting concept.