Thursday, October 18, 2012

matohu Spring/Summer Collection 2013


matohu was the first runway show I attended earlier this week for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo 2013 S/S. I was very excited to attend and shoot some photos at the show. Arriving at the Laforet Museum in Roppongi about 20 minutes before the start of the show, I saw that there were already quite a few people lining up and being ushered through the doors into the darkened venue. Upon entering the venue, I noted that the space was divided into four sections of seats arranged only two rows deep. I was guided to an inner square of chairs, and was luckily able to get a great view from my seat.

After waiting for some time, there was a hush in room, and the lights darkened further. Then bright lights focused on the center of each square of seats, and the music began to flow.


Each model wore something on her head which reminds me of clouds, cotton candy, and silkworm cocoons.


I really enjoyed the colors and textures presented in the outfits, especially the rope designs and blue-grey shades.



Very interesting netting on this black top. I would wear this!


 I love this outfit too, so sleek and feminine.



The designers of matohu, Hiroyuki Horihata and Makiko Sekiguchi. 
I find it admirable that they work together as a couple and produce such beautiful designs. The applause at the conclusion of the show was quite moving!
I hope you enjoyed these photos I took from the show. More from other runway shows coming soon!