Monday, September 24, 2012

If Gravity Let Us Go

Outside right now, it's pouring rain.
The Tokyo skies are dark this evening, 
millions of solitary drops falling down all together,
becoming sheets. 

But I bring you these images from another day.


If gravity let us go
We would all go flying
And I'll meet you somewhere in the milky night
Away past the satellites


The breeze is dressed so lightly
And it breathes onto this fire escape
Where all our secrets melt like ice
Leaving only water


Dancing like a landslide
Swinging round the living room
We fall like sudden rain from sullen skies
Singing to the radio's tune

Say my name aloud and make it new
And I'll promise you what I can
I forget myself when I'm with you
Please remind me who I am
-Gravity by Bic Runga  


We finally came together, after dancing an elegant but interminable dance
back and forth, further then closer
your scent, your soul always pulling me in


Until you became a piece of me.
Four wings instead of two, a matter-of-fact existence
fluttering at my back, never too far
the whisper of your wind, too achingly familiar to let fly past


I can't imagine flying the air without you
and all the once-sweet flowers and nectar slide out of focus
in comparison with your glittering wings.