Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fashion's Night Out Japan 2012

Fashion's Night Out Japan was Saturday, September 8, 2012, held in the Omotesando, Harajuku, and Aoyama area. An event that began in 2009 and first held in New York, Fashion's Night Out is an event that encourages consumers to support the fashion industry during the difficult economic situation. This was my first time going to the event, as I received a flyer in the mail about it and was curious to see what it'd be like.


Arriving at Omotesando Station near Omotesando Hills, streets were filled with people, even more than on a usual weekend. There were also many people holding cameras with huge lenses, and a general air of excitement drifting from every open store entrance.

 Check out the guys opening the doors.


Mystery guys crossing the street. This one wearing face paint was looking right at me!

 Inside Omotesando Hills. Juju, Anna Tsuchiya, and Ai Tominaga.
Unfortunately I missed the opening ceremony and didn't catch their appearances,
but I did see a huge line of hopeful people waiting to get their pictures taken.
Possibly by Leslie Kee?




 Live shirt drawing inside Laforet.

 DJ playing music inside Omotesando Hills.

I had heard that Fashion's Night Out in Tokyo would be one of the best nights for people-watching, and that was definitely true. Even though Tokyo usually has plenty of colorful, dynamic, and eccentrically dressed people walking its streets even on non-event days, this night really brought out some interesting and elegant looks. There were so many beautiful and beautifully-dressed people on the streets and in the stores... I couldn't tell who was a customer and who was a model sometimes! 
It was my first time attending this kind of fashion event. I think it was an experience worth having, a night of celebrating fashion and sharing it with the streets. 

I wonder what Fashion's Night Out in other cities was like? Did you attend this year, or a previous year's event?