Friday, August 3, 2012












So last Saturday night, I got to see the Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival - my first time to see a fireworks display since coming to Japan. I'm not one for throwing myself into the thronging crowds on fireworks night, so I settled for watching from a distance.. but the view turned out to be beautiful nonetheless. And armed with my camera, what could be better than capturing a few instants of the explosions of lights across the summer sky?

I never knew that the Sumidagawa Fireworks started from way back in the Edo period, in the 1700s. That's pretty amazing, how a tradition has been revived and lasted through the years. The fireworks lasted for over an hour, and because I was pretty far away, there weren't so much loud booms as gentle crackles and pops on the horizon. I could see the Tokyo Sky Tree gently pulsing with its blue glow, as if in encouragement and awe.