Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Home is where the heart is


What a busy week and weekend it was! Barely had time to sit down and edit pictures or write a blog entry. I had the pleasure of performing a one-hour live at Soka on Saturday, and it was fun and comfortable as always when I go there to sing. Despite my awkward as usual talk bits, I had a great time seeing new and old faces, even meeting a fellow Berkeley student who was traveling around Asia! And my friends came to watch and support, which made it all even more lovely; afterwards, feasting on curry, laughter, and good company at the nearby Indian food restaurant. I love these warm, small, close shows in the afternoons where I can greet everyone one by one and chill afterward. Thanks so much to all who came by!


A beautiful sky last weekend


 Quickly snapped this shot of a girl waiting for the train




 Went to IKEA in Chiba, and some of these pretty lamps caught my eye. I love how they explore textures and scatter light in different ways. Big fan of light here. This woven lamp cover makes for such a dreamy effect. I can imagine the lights all being turned out in the living room, except for just this lamp, and some soft music in the background.


This star light practically made me squeal with glee. It was in the kids section, but hey, I would totally decorate my house with one of these.


I could also see this elegant light hanging from the ceiling, catching sparks of sunlight even during the daytime.


 I adore the curtain behind this chair. It would be like I'm sitting in a forest with chirping birds perched on branches right next to me. What a perfect place to sit and read on Sunday afternoons.


 Sometimes it's hard to define and pinpoint "home", especially for those who travel around or have experienced a transition in their lives recently. But I think home is what you make it to be, and where you want it to be. It could be a certain place far away that you always look forward to returning to, or it could just be where you are right now, at this very moment. For some, home doesn't even have to be a place; it could be a person, a thing, an idea, a feeling.

For me, home is where and when I feel most comfortable with myself, at a state of calm and relaxation, yet also able to reach a high state of motivation and creativity. Home is what I fall into, relieved, after a long day out, soaking in a sacred kind of happiness.