Friday, August 17, 2012

Hanging out with Mimei


I met up with Mimei for the first time the other day in Roppongi!
She's an awesome girl who also makes videos on Youtube, and I had the honor of doing a mini photo shoot with her. It was so lovely just to hang out, talk, wander around, and take pictures.


I love her style!


What a pretty smile :)





Like in a secret garden..


Let's see how these flowers taste!


Seems like they were tasty.


Awesome tights!


 It was so much fun hanging out together, and although I felt a bit shy at first, it was really easy talking to Mimei. I felt like we could relate on a lot of things - we both came to Japan around the same time, we're both trying to improve our Japanese skills, both making videos etc :)


Thank you, Mimei!!
またhang outしよう :)

Here are some links where you can find her at: